Druckfeste Gehäuse und Cabinets

Explosionsgeschützte Druckfeste Gehäuse

Large range of enclosures manufactured in inox or Stainless steel. Ideal for instrument housing, control, check, connection, automation, interruption and/or protection use. They can be equipped with pushbuttons, pilot lamps and selector switches. Enclosures can be customized project by project to get control panel, lighting distribution boards, heat tracing distribution boards, motor starters, as well as, assembled together, or mounted on a self supporting frame, generate switch-rack for onshore and offshore applications.

Explosionsgruppe IIB+H2 und IIC, Ex d IIB, IIB+H2 und IIC
• Hohe Korrosionsbeständigkeit
• Robuste Bauweise
• Bewährtes Sicherheitsprodukt
• Höchstmögliches Sicherheitsniveau
• Optimal ausgelegt für extreme Umgebungsbedingungen