Helideck Signalisation

Sichere Signalisation und Beleuchtung.

Calzoni has more then 40 Years of experience in this specific market segment and more then 300 complete helipads have been installed all over the world. Calzoni offer includes the Turn-Key solutions, that can fit the needs of a Customer looking for a single stop shop and covers all the aspects and Equipments related to the Helipad, in specific:

  • Helipad and Heliport Design (configuration, electrical, etc)
  • Heliport Lighting Systems and aids
  • Fire extinguish system Resinous-Cementatious Fillers for the Helipad

Calzoni also can offer Prefabricated Helipdas and has a strong team dedicated to the After Sale support. All the proposed Items are ICAO compliant and ETL certified. ISMACON is the official Partner and distributor for these products - www.beamflight.com


Helideck Signalisation - CAP1264

Unser Produktportfolio für die Signalisation von Helidecks gemäß CAP 1264

Helideck Signalisation - CAP437

Unser Produktportfolio fpü die Signalisation von Helidecks gemäß CAP 437

Helideck Signalisation für Maritime und Offshore Windparks

Unsere Lösungen, speziell für den Bereich Offshore Wind, wie Helidecks auf Transformer Stationen

Allgemeine Helideck Signalisation

Unsere Lösungen für allgemeine Hubschrauberlandeplätze als auch Landeplatze auf Dächern, wie Krankenhäuser