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About Chalmit

Chalmit® , formerly known as Andrew Chalmers and Mitchell Ltd, was founded in 1910 to manufacture and supply equipment for the large marine market based on the River Clyde. The company soon became a major supplier of lighting and electrical products to the marine industry in the West of Scotland and thereafter throughout the whole country.
In the 1970’s, success in the Marine oil tanker business led to diversification into the wider oil and gas market, capturing 85% of the North Sea HID lighting requirement which is maintained to this day. The company’s involvement within the global oil & gas market expanded and resulted in a shortened version of its name to Chalmers and Mitchell. Throughout the world the company is now recognised by its product name, CHALMIT® .
With the additional product demand in the International market, the company expanded its export potential by opening offices in Singapore and Abu Dhabi providing support and assistance in developing an extensive, long standing agency network. The subsequent growth in the FPSO market further increased the emphasis on the development of the company’s extensive Ex lighting portfolio.


The global nature of the Oil and Gas and Petrochemical industries demands that manufacturers offer
world class products and worldwide service capability, requiring companies to operate on an
international scale at all levels. Chalmit is such an international company.

From its base in Glasgow, Scotland, Chalmit has a long history of pre-eminence in the field of Hazardous Area Lighting. Chalmit is now the IEC Hazardous Area Lighting “centre of excellence” of Hubbell Inc. and a truly major Industry force, committed to a continued investment in technological advancement, design and product development. Chalmit has dedicated and strategically located Sales and Marketing operations in the Netherlands, Abu Dhabi and Singapore, providing extensive expertise of hazardous area lighting. As part of the Hubbell Harsh and Hazardous group, Chalmit is also able to offer Killark products creating an unrivalled project portfolio to a world-wide customer base.

Chalmit has a deserved reputation for producing luminaires of the highest quality and with technical innovation always in evidence. This is in part, due to Chalmit having evolved as the number one supplier of hazardous area lighting products in the North Sea, one of the world’s most onerous areas of operation for oil & gas exploration and production. Products of inferior quality would not be capable of withstanding the harsh environment encountered and Chalmit luminaires, some of which have been in operation for more than 25 years, are providing reliable service to the operators working in this area.

All of Chalmit’s products are designed to this same high standard and as can be seen from the customer references, Appendix B, this commitment to quality is acknowledged by our customers.

Quality Commitment

Where the safety of people and protection of property is paramount, absolute confidence in product
choice is critical and with over 80 years international experience, Chalmit luminaires can be specified
with complete conviction and this is reflected in the number of major projects which have been awarded
to Chalmit over the years. Some of the major international projects awarded to Chalmit over the last 30
years are listed in Appendix A, and stand as a testament to the quality and technical excellence
provided by Chalmit luminaires throughout the years.
With approvals such as BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and MOD DEF STAN 05/91:1991, certification to British
and CENELEC standards and approvals from certifying authorities in the UK, Canada, Australia,
Holland, Norway, Brazil and Russia the company's commitment to quality and product development
ensures that safety is never compromised.

International Innovation

The Chalmit name is synonymous with quality and innovation and this has been achieved through a rigorous programme of continuous product development. Employing the latest technology, in conjunction with modern light sources and controls, new, innovative luminaires are created in partnership with other Hubbell Group companies and clients around the world. Chalmit continue to use sophisticated computer-aided design tools, allied with up-to-date photometric and mechanical testing techniques, to underpin the design programme, producing an internationally accepted product range.

Technical Support

Engineering support for all Chalmit products is located at the Glasgow headquarters, and clients around the world can be assured of extensive technical and after sales support. Agent training and technical support is available in Asia, Middle East, North America and Europe. This service encompasses expert lighting applications advice, sophisticated free of charge lighting design software and in-house project design, informed guidance on the safe installation and maintenance of hazardous area luminaires and the full back up expected of a major international brand.

Sustainable Development
Chalmit is committed to sustainable development and protection of the environment. As such, the company is currently working to implement the requirements for the WEEE and RoHS directives.