SPB 400 - IOL 150

SPB 400 - IOL 150

The SPB 400 is both versatile and cost- effective. This LED beacon is compact, self- contained and available in SS316. The light source is formed from high intensity LEDs. Light output can be set according to visibility.

The beacon can be synchronised via the ITO sync GPS receiver and is designed to operate without servicing/maintenance for up to five years. Charge characteristics in dark conditions are superb. Due to its compactness, the beacon is especially suited for regions with low sun irradiation. Suitable with 4pcs 45Watt solar panels

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Solar Panele 4 Stück 45 Watt
Batterie 550 Ampere im Gehäuse eingebaut
Lichtfarbe Entspricht den IALA- und ICAO-Spezifikationen
Gehäusematerial Edelstahl 316
Installation Mit vier Löchern für einfache Montage auf Rungen versehen
Zusatzinformationen Batteriespannung und Tag / Nacht Schaltpunkt können abgelesen werden